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Should you hire an electrician?

Electricity is dangerous. Here are 12 tips to help you decide when you need an electrician. 


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Hiring an Electrician

Should You Hire an Electrician? 
These 12 Tips Can Help You Decide:

Home improvement is big business. There are many do-it-yourself novices out there who are inspired by DIY reality shows and Internet videos. Although there are some simple tasks many homeowners can perform on their own, some electrical service projects are better left to the professionals for safety reasons as well as ensuring an excellent finished product. 

Should you tackle a home improvement job yourself or call in reinforcements? Consider these 12 tips before you go about hiring an electrician:

1. If you’re clueless about this specific job and have never seen it performed before, don’t risk hurting yourself or wasting thousands of dollars on materials. If the task is beyond your comfort zone, call for electrical service.

2. Do you know if the task requires permits or zoning? If not, check with your local authorities first.

3. Does the job call for multiple light fixtures to be changed? This may seem like a breeze, but the fixture may need a new wiring upgrade.

4. It’s time to call the pros if the job requires shutting off the electricity in one part or multiple areas of your home or business.

5. Does your residence or business need new or expanded outlets? Skilled technicians can tackle this job with ease, but an amateur DIY homeowner may fumble the task and risk starting a fire.

6. Are there blueprints involved? If so, an electrical service technician can interpret those plans with efficiency and skill.

7. Are multiple light sockets in the business or home out of order? A professional electrician can determine if there are issues with the wiring, water in the sockets or poor fuses and repair the problem.

8. If you’re in the process of selling or buying a home, you need to have an electrical survey. A professional electrician can determine if the electrical system is sound and provide an affordable estimate for the cost of repairs.

9. Is your home or business under construction? You need professional electrical services to design and install the electrical system.

10.  If you own an older home or business, your property may need rewiring. This is a common need for aging homes that are out of code or represent a fire hazard.

11.  Are you experiencing frequent blown light bulbs or fuses? The system may be overloaded or there may be other electrical problems. A professional electrician can make an accurate assessment.

12.  Is the light socket, fixture or wiring difficult to reach? Don’t risk your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Call in reinforcements.

The above 12 points illustrate why it’s best to leave complex wiring and lighting issues to the pros. For electrical concerns outside your realm of expertise, you need a highly trained, licensed and insured electrician. High Volt Electric is that contractor, and we service the Pasadena, Santa Monica and Los Angeles areas. Call us today for assistance at 888-554-8658. We provide excellent references!